I sprouted from the prairie grasslands of eastern South Dakota, in small rural towns with a two-digit population. To school and church, I followed family and friends I knew from my German/Norwegian mother’s womb. My graduation class of 16 included a foreign exchange student and myself. Life was simple in my comfortable rural radius, but the dreamer inside was alive… Early adulthood, I drove 2000 miles east where concrete super highways replaced country dirt roads. Irish and Italian accents supplanted the familiar redneck drawl. And I was in awe, exploring my bold new world for eight eye-opening and thrilling years. The NYC chapter ended after a few pages into Motherhood, admitting I yearned the simplicity of SoDak to raise my family. This time with the rolling Black Hills as both a backdrop and our playground. I continue to write the chapters of my life with curiosity as my muse, following the trail of nougats left mystically for me. Tag along to see where this journey goes, embracing the worlds unknown.