Voice! Who are you, and why are you speaking?

I admit, I turn into an overbearing remote hawk when NBC’s The Voice is on. We record it, so any fast forwarding through interviews and commentary irks me and I kindly ask, “Can you please rewind that? I would like to hear what they say.”

And then there’s the volume. Often times the talented singers on perfect key in heart touching moments do not outperform the usual beat of my background:

“Mom, he took my popcorn.”

“Mom, she took my blanket.”

“What do we have going on next Thursday?”

“Can you please turn it up so I can hear this song? Thank you.” And the edgy melody in my transparent voice tries its best to float above the chaotic rhythm of life. And as I reread that sentence, I realize I just answered my own question, directed to my own Voice: Who are you, and why are you speaking?

Dakota Soulshine: an observant voice that floats above the chaos? or a patient voice that exists within?

I didn’t even plan to whittle out a description when I began this post, but there it is, telling ME what to BE. And that is one of many reasons why I love writing. Thoughts can only fester for so long inside, they need a release, or will turn themselves into storms of worry, regret and resentment. Writing helps me formulate my thoughts. It helps me ask questions and make sense of my existence. Without writing, I would be a raging nut.

I could equally argue that writing is what makes me a raging nut. Work hard, play hard. I’ve been working on my writing for years, but never have I taken the route to “find my voice” as you often hear Lionel offer. I think about the stories and their characters, possible plots, life lessons, the grueling process of it all. But I have yet to dig into the question: “Who is my voice, what is she trying to say, and why?”

Good questions to which I do not have answers . . . Am I supposed to?

Why do I feel the need to blog rants as Dakota Soulshine?

I have no idea. Hopefully, my purpose will surface soon.


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